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Session A: Pedestrian Mobility – Workshop

Burdett, Bridget Durdin; Lulay Siers; McCann; Kerr (NP)

Session B: Cycle Skills Training –Workshop

Clark; Tasman Jones Morgan, Patrick Northcotte, Marilyn

Session C: Walking & Cycle Tours

Mata, Owen

Session D:

Orsini, Arthur

Session E: Road User – Workshop

Kennett; Laing (NP) Niquidet Western, Jena  

Session F: Plenary 

Giles-Corti, Billie

Session G: Plenary

Please find below a link to a video of Roger Gellers’ talk supplied by Cycling in Wellington. Click here for the video

Geller, Roger Kingham, Simon Taylor, Rhys

Session H: Big ideas in small towns

Boulter, Roger Lieswyn, John Smith; Galloway
Trevelyan, Andrew    

Session I: Legal & Politics

Hague, Kevin (NP) Knight-Lenihan, Stephen Weiss, Hank

Lunch Session

Williams, Nicola

Session J: Walking& Cycle Tours

Mata, Owen

Session K: Mode Integration – Roundtable

Barker, Chad Howard, Quintin (NP) Kerr, Alan (NP)
Lieswyn; Macbeth (NP) McAulay, Malcolm (NP) Newcombe, Daniel (NP)
Niquidet Western, Jena (NP) Slason, Jonathan  

Session L: Poster Presentations

L01 Kingham, Simon L02 Weiss, Hank L03 Stenzel, Ina
L04 Allatt, & Turner (NP) L05 Slason, Jonathan L06 Slason, Jonathan
L07 Mackie, Hamish (NP) L08 Milne, Andy L09 Lieswyn, John
L10 Wilke, Axel L11 Wooller, Leslie L12 Koorey, Glen
L13 Mata, Owen L14 Hope, Emma  

Session M: Plenary

Macpherson, Dave

Session N: Model Communities Showcase – Speed Dating

Aiken, Nick (NP) Beck, Liz (NP) Benefield, Nathaniel (NP)
Butterworth, Vicki Chapman, Ralph (NP) Daykin, Neil
Goodacre, Mike Kennedy, Don (NP) Makinson; Bargh (NP)
Mata, Owen (NP) Whittleston, Carl (NP)  

Session O: Plenary Latta, Nigel

Session P: Permeability – Oral

Abley, Steve Cook, Rachel Gray, Andrew
Merriman, Kerryn Neeson, Mark Ross, Dan

Session Q: Networks – Oral

Balm; Ellis (NP) Harris; Aldreson (AOR) Head, Ann-Marie
Raith, Andrea (AOR) Rendall, Stacy  

Session R: Funding, Model Communities & the way forward – Oral

Cheyne, Christine Dance, Gerry (NP) Wade-Brown, Celia (NP)
Yule, Mayor Lawrence    

Session S: Behaviour – Rapid fire presentation

Baldwin, Raewyn (NP) Collett, Terri Frater, Jillian
Haigh, Emma Lang, Debbie Pascoe, Claire
Winslow, Sam    

Session T: Plenary

Woodward, Alistair


Key Note Presenters

Roger_Geller___for_web.jpgRoger Geller

Roger has been Portland, Oregon’s Bicycle Coordinator since 2000 and has been with the city’s Bicycle Program since 1994. He has 17 years of experience managing bicycle capital, planning and policy projects. His position requires an in-depth knowledge of design, policy, planning and maintenance relating to bicycle transportation.

During his tenure he has contributed to the implementation of hundreds of miles of bikeways, the introduction of many innovations to Portland’s streets and planning vocabulary and to the successful evaluation of their effect. He recently toured Canadian cities as part of a State Department Invited Scholar program and Australian cities as an invited keynote speaker at that country’s national bicycle conference. He continues advising a multi-city effort to develop and refine a comprehensive national urban bicycling design guide.

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Professor Billie Giles-Corti

Professor Giles-Corti recently joined the McCaughey Centre in July 2011.  For the last 15 years, Professor Billie Giles-Corti has been at the forefront of developing a new field in health promotion, focussed on understanding environmental factors that contribute to community wellbeing and which influence physical, social and mental health.

The title of her presentation will be:  Future-Proofing Cities: Creating healthy cities by design.  The focus will be on the type of urban form that is needed to promote health, including provision for walking, cycling and PT. There will be a focus on the many co-benefits of this approach (health, environmental, economic) and also a focus on ‘getting higher density right’ as we look to create more compact cities.   Click here to view full bio.



Nigel Latta, Psychologist and Author

Nigel is a registered clinical psychologist and author. He was born and raised in Oamaru and spent his high school years at Waitaki Boys High School. He then went on to Otago University, where he completed an MSc in Marine Science.Upon completion of his masters degree at Otago, he relocated to Auckland where he trained as a clinical psychologist and worked there for a period of some seventeen years in a number of agencies - Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, Sex Offender Treatment Programmes,  Family Therapy agencies, Child Youth and Family,  Probation Services, as well as in private practice.In addition to psychology, Nigel has written a number of books which have been published in over ten countries and in several different languages.His third parenting book was released in June 08 - this time, parenting teenagers and entitled “Before Your Teenagers Drive You Crazy, Read This” (retitled: Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers)  – now a TV series, as the teenage  follow up to “The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show”. He released “Mothers Raising Sons” (July 2009) which has been followed up by “Fathers Raising Daughters” (March 2010).  He is a regular contributor to radio on the Nine to Noon slot on National Radio, as well as television, and parenting magazines such as "Littlies”.

Click here to view full bio.


Alistair_Woodward.jpgAlistair Woodward, University of Auckland

Alistair Woodward is Head of the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland. He trained in medicine at the University of Adelaide, and worked as a hospital doctor and general practitioner before specialising in public health. His research and teaching are concerned with the links between good health and the environments in which people live, work and move around. Recently he has focussed on the bicycle as an intervention for public health. With colleagues, he is carrying out a long-term study of participants in the Taupo Cycle Challenge and is investigating the effects on health and the environment of replacing short urban car trips with more cycle journeys. The best part of his working day is riding to the office around the Auckland waterfront.

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Greg Cooper, Conference MC

Greg started his professional performance career 20 years ago at The Court Theatre in Christchurch as a member of the improvised corporate entertainment company. He has entertained at hundreds of corporate events in New Zealand and Australia as a freelance performer and also through corporate event companies. With his background in improvised entertainment Greg’s ability to deal with any unexpected situation makes him an invaluable asset as an MC for any event. He has the ability to keep the audience entertained during a Powerpoint malfunction and has been known to become the Powerpoint slides himself if the malfunction proves permanent.