2016 Conference presentations

Conference programme

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Wednesday 6 July

SESSION 1A        
Gil Penalosa NP Ryan Martinson     
SESSION 1B1 - Re-cycling our big cities
Kathryn King Paul Barker John Hannah    
SESSION 1B2 - Checking the accounts: monitoring access to walking and cycling
Hilary Fowler Caroline Shaw Andrew Leslie & Evan Freshwater Margaret Horsburgh
SESSION 1B3 - Visions of safety: micro and macro  
Bridget Southey-Jensen Pippa Coom, Abigail Granbery & Caroline Perry
SESSION 1C1 - The Toolbox

Gerry Dance & Simon Kennett

Carl O'Neil

Kevan Fleckney                  

Karl Baker Kent Lundberg
SESSION 1C2 - Critical Observation 
Kent Lundberg

Claire Wannamaker           

Greer Hawley Michael Lowe Ron King
SESSION 1C3 - New paths to safe and healthy transport   
Mike Smith Bill Smith

Christine Cheyne              

Warren Salomon

Karen Smith, Clare Cassidy & Jen Riley

Thursday 7 July

SESSION 2A        
Prof Karen Witten NP Dr Alessandro Melis
SESSION 2B1 - Engaging our communities
Gerri Pomeroy Chris Bowie Patrick Morgan Cara Phillips Rebecca Cunniffe
SESSION 2B2 - The business of cycling
Nicola Maire Jack Jiang James Young

Susan Hutchinson-Daniel & Nicky Morrison

Catherine Elliot
SESSION 2B3 - Show and Tell
Hormoz Etemad              
SESSION 2B4 - Rethinking Community Engagement in NZ
Isabella Cawthorn Tyler Golly    
SESSION 2C1 - Tailored Behaviour Change Through Better Engagement
Jamie Hosking Paul McArdle Jo Carling & Rachel Cook Glen Koorey
SESSION 2C2 - Flagship projects: Doing it and Doing it well   
Gansen Govender

Paul Roper-Gee & Will Thresher

Alan Gray Chris Jordan
SESSION 2C4 - High-tempo talks from around the sector
Roger Boulter Jillian Frater Ann Marie Head Vivienne Ivory
Koen van Leeuwen Louise Baker  Lydia Liu Gemma Dioni
Dr Ben Rossiter Gil Penalosa NP      

Friday 8 July

SESSION 3A1 - Beyond Model Communities   
Elizabeth Claridge Debbie Lang Jodie Lawson  Liz Beck  Sharleen Hannon
SESSION 3A2 - Neighbourhood environment for active travel
Vivienne Ivory Simon Kingham Uddhav Naik NP  Jeanette Ward  Dr Elliot Fishman NP
SESSION 3A3 - Getting around on a bicycle?  
Tim Hughes  Jillian Frater  Greer Hawley  Koen van Leeuwen Jo Clendon
Bevan Woodward Glen Koorey      
Dr Ben Rossiter John Lieswyn