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Wednesday 29 October

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown Gavin O’Connor   S Ulmer & J Palmer  
Learnshop 1B1 - Encouraging Travel Behaviour Change
Melanie Thornton Sam Winslow Christian Williams Anna Blomquist Anne-Marie Coury
Learnshop 1B2 - Effective Advocacy
Patrick Morgan Gay Richards Gerri Pomeroy Ron Beernik Glen Koorey
Learnshop 1B3 - Measuring Walking & Cycling  
Bridget Burdett Patricia Vasconcelos Judith Makinson Ellen Blake Liz Halstead
Learnshop 1B4 - Implementation Stories
Scott Wickman Charlotte Flaherty Carl Whittleston Simon Underwood  
SESSION 1C        
Simon Kennett        

Thursday 30 October

SESSION 2A        
Richard Leggat        
Oral Presentations 2A1 - Network Planning
Paul Roberts Simon Kingham Axel Wilke    
Oral Presentations 2A2 - Youth and Travel
Jillian Frater George Williams Aimee Ward    
C & M Bruntlett     Jamie Hosking  
Political Panel Discussions
Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the audio files. These have been split into each of the four questions and the wrap up.
2C Rapid-fire poster presentations
Bridget Burdett Amy Butler Andria Dsouza Simon Kingham Katrina Marwick
Brenda O’Donoghue R Palmer & P Hookham T Pettit & N Dodge Nancy Rehrer Sandar Tin Tin
Russell Tregonning Patricia Vasconcelos      
Nick Aiken (NP)        
Interactive Workshops
Glen Koorey Jeanette Ward Nathaniel Benefield Anne-Marie Coury C Allison &  J.P. Pochin
Chris Teo-Sherrell (NP)        

Friday 31 October

SESSION 3A        
Jean Beetham        
Oral Presentations 3A1 - Placemaking    
Lily Linton Paula Warren Judith Makinson    
Oral Presentations 3A2 - Economic Modelling and Evaluation
Courtney Groundwater B Wolfman & G Cornelis Ann-Marie Head    
SESSION 3B        
Daniel Sauter        
Learnshop 3B1 - Effective Infrastructure Design    
Karl Hancock Peter Kortegast Sue McAuley Andy Lightowler Stacy Rendall
Learnshop 3B2 - Travel Behaviour & Attitudes
Ngaire Pattison Anna Blomquist Richard Barter Anna Blomquist Peter King
Learnshop 3B3 - Cycle Skills Training
Chris Foggin Karen Smith Jon Ashford C Allison & M Tasman-Jones Charlotte Flaherty
SESSION 3C        
Julie Anne Genter (NP) Dougal List      






Key Note Speakers

Daniel Sauter - WebsitwDaniel Sauter

Daniel Sauter has been active in the past 25 years as a sociologist and researcher in the promotion of walking, road danger reduction, the analysis of mobility patterns and the creation of inclusive public spaces and their related policies. During his professional life he has co-directed the Swiss pedestrian organisation, represented the International Federation of Pedestrians (IFP) at the United Nations, initiated the International Charter for Walking and started the current efforts to develop standards for measuring walking. He performed and co-ordinated research in many local, national and international projects, most recently within the European COST Action 358 on Pedestrian Quality Needs. He runs his own business, Urban Mobility Research, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Walking is just as much about inspiration and imagination as it is about infrastructure and institutional set-ups. On the other hand: facts and data are as important as ideas. Daniel’s talk will touch on these subjects and take you on a little journey through some planning and implementing experiences as well as old and new understandings of walking and public space. All of this with the goal in mind: how to create an active walking culture and more liveable communities.

Chris and Melissa Bruntlett


Chris and Melissa Bruntlett will present a fresh perspective on cycling, as the central voice of Vancouver’s emerging citizen cycling movement. Focused on utility over speed, and riding in street clothes rather than Lycra, they make cycling an everyday act of pleasurable (and sustainable) mobility.

Chris, Melissa, and their two children, Etienne and Coralie, sold their family car in 2010. They have surprised many – not least of all themselves – with how practical, easy, and enjoyable two-wheeled travel is. This includes the multitude of trips to school and activities that are an inevitable part of parenthood. Melissa blogs about their experiences at Velo Family Diaries, which attracts a global audience fascinated with the (many) triumphs and (few) challenges of their car-free, urban lifestyle.

Their family’s mobility is facilitated by a city that has done better than most in North America to provide bicycle infrastructure for people of all ages and abilities. Chris and Melissa will focus on what safe and accessible space for cycling means in practical terms, for experiencing the pleasures of the city, and participating in public life. Their presentation will include a selection of the Vancouver Cycle Chic films - produced by Chris - which intimately profile a number of Vancouverites who cycle for transportation; demonstrating that riding a bike is a way to be “a part of the city, not apart from the city.”

Click here to their full bio.

Celia Wade-Brown

Celia Wade-Brown was born in London and graduated with an Honours degree in Philosophy fromCelia walking Nottingham University. She began her IT career at IBM UK. Celia emigrated to New Zealand in 1983. With her husband, Alastair, she set up an IT consultancy business, working around the world specialising in banking software. Celia was elected to the inaugural Council of the Internet Society of New Zealand and was the founding Chair of 2020 Trust, set up to bridge the digital divide.

Celia founded Living Streets Aotearoa, a voice for pedestrians. Celia was successfully elected as a Councillor five times and is in her second term as Mayor of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

Alastair & Celia have two adult sons, a dog and five chickens. They live on the South Coast of Wellington and enjoy walking, cycling, kayaking and scuba diving as well as the capital’s cultural delights of film, theatre and Māori performance. As Mayor, her top priorities are: active and public transport choices; good jobs especially in creative high-tech sectors; connecting citizens with nature; and support for local communities. Above all, she works with many partners to make Wellington “a city where talent wants to live”.

Celia’s keynote will focus on the issues she faces as an elected representative trying to get “communities on the move”, with the inevitable balancing of different transport modes and juggling of local authority/national transport priorities, while also dealing with community expectations and aspirations.


Greg Cooper, Conference MC

Greg started his professional performance career 20 years ago at The Court Theatre in Christchurch as a member of the improvised corporate entertainment company. He has entertained at hundreds of corporate events in New Zealand and Australia as a freelance performer and also through corporate event companies.

With his background in improvised entertainment Greg’s ability to deal with any unexpected situation makes him an invaluable asset as an MC for any event. He has the ability to keep the audience entertained during a Powerpoint malfunction and has been known to become the Powerpoint slides himself if the malfunction proves permanent.

Greg MC'd the inaugural conference in 2012 and looks forward to MC'ing again.