Conference Committee

About the Conference Committee

We are a bunch of people from various walks of life, united by a passion for better everyday walking and cycling.

Our backgrounds include transport, health and recreation. Many of us work in these sectors, as professionals, academics or public servants. Some of us are true advocates, earning a living in other sectors or being retired.

Whatever our daily pursuits may be, as conference committee volunteers we roll up our sleeves to bring you a great 2WALKandCYCLE 2016 Conference.

Here's who we are:

Andy 2 Elizabeth  Jane 2 Jack J. Jiang 2

Andy Smith
Living Streets Aotearoa

Elizabeth Claridge
NZ Transport Agency
Jane Dawson
Cycling Action Network
Jack Jiang
Urban Designer
Jamie Hoskings 2 Jillian Frater 2 Axel 2  
 Jamie Hoskings
School of Population Health,
University of Auckland
Jillian Frater
University of Canterbury
Axel Wilke